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Equality Lawyers

Project development

A behind the scenes look at the development of the Equality Lawyers logo and icons developed by our team. The client required strong, unique artwork across all elements of their brand that would easily connect with their audience.


The completed logo below - a strong, and resolute design, sympathetic colours, and a striking typeface. 

Equality Lawyers logo

Logo options and concepts

Once a basic concept was agreed to by the client, the Blend team constructed a series of conceptual variations, pushing the idea to its logical conclusion.

Equality Lawyers logo development

Icon concepts

From a series of brainstorming sessions for the logo, a collection of icons to be used on the EQL site were sketched and worked up into vector illustrations. This was a rigorous and informative process for both the client and the team working on them. 

Equality Lawyers sketches for icons
icon development
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